Alan Chin
Alan Chin

On the afternoon of August 11, 2017, the 27 degree angle - East Lake International Ecological Sculpture Biennial officially kicked off. Art director of Hubei Art Museum, vice president of China Sculpture Society, member of sculpture art committee of Chinese Artists Association Mr. Fu Zhongwang is art director, vice president of China Sculpture Society, and critic Sun Zhenhua as curator. 2017 East Lake International Eco-Sculpture Biennial will work together with major art galleries in Wuhan such as Hubei Art Museum and Art Museum to bring a feast of art to Wuhan residents.

Organize the "East Lake International Eco-Sculpture Biennale", bringing together domestic and foreign artists to create highlights for Wuhan and establish a system through the Sculpture Biennale. From 2017 onwards, it will continue to do it every two years. The first East Lake International Eco-Sculpture Biennale will be held in Sculpture Museum of Art in Jiufeng Urban Forest Reserve, Wuhan East Lake New Technology Development Zone, the first sculpture biennial in the history of Wuhan. 2017 East Lake International Eco-Sculpture Biennial "27 degree angle" as the theme, people watch and sculpture works reached 27 degrees angle, the overall visual relationship is the most complete. Biennale, with its professional terminology of sculpture, expresses people-oriented values, selects works of art from the angle of human being and line of sight, determines the best scale between sculpture and environment, creates a landscape that meets people's aesthetic needs, and coordinates people and art , Relationship between man and nature, man and public space.

This Biennale is expected to display 60 outdoor ecological sculptures in the form of a combination of directed solicitation of masterpieces and a worldwide solicitation. Strict selection by the exhibition art director, curator and academic director invited 30 domestic and foreign representative artists and works that are in line with the public environment and the theme of the exhibition. And soliciting 30 outstanding works both at home and abroad, the art committee hired domestic and foreign experts and scholars to conduct a fair professional review, and will eventually select 10 winning entries. Biennale Organizing Committee, for the solicitation of award-winning artists to provide bonuses to encourage and support the spirit of contemporary sculpture.

As the organizer of this event, Wuhan Shimenfeng Memorial Park has, over the years, adhered to the concept of "combining a green garden-style eco-park with elegant sculpture art, a natural environment-based and people-oriented" Within the district, a number of theme parks with high artistic and historical value have been planned and constructed.

The organizing committee hopes to display the latest achievements of contemporary sculptures by promoting a commonweal, academic and cutting-edge sculpture exhibition home and abroad, promote the academic exchange of international sculpture art and explore the relationship between contemporary sculpture and the ecological environment of East Lake Explore the brand new exhibition concept of harmonious integration of sculpture, ecology and humanities , build China's first-class human and public space and create a "gold name card" for Wuhan.


Donghu International Ecological Sculpture Biennial Call for Papers

The purpose of East Lake International Eco-Sculpture Biennial is to show contemporary people's views on art and society, art and city, art and people by holding a public welfare, academic, cutting-edge and participatory art exhibition both at home and abroad Life, art and people's living environment, the latest thinking, to explore the best of art and people and the environment. Through exhibitions, to mobilize public participation and attention to the greatest extent; to form an active dialogue between artists, artworks, spectators and the exhibition environment through exhibitions; to promote the establishment of a system of Chinese contemporary art and the establishment of a sound operational mechanism; and to create a To reflect the first-class contemporary art, comparable to the internationally renowned art biennial Chinese contemporary art brand.

"Eco-Sculpture" is an academic concept specially launched in this Biennale, which is a concentrated expression of the values f the Biennale.

The term "ecology" as used here is an expanded concept of ecology, including "social ecology, natural ecology, and artistic ecology." It goes beyond the category of "ecology" in the sense of ecology in general. In contemporary society, there are no isolated ecological problems and ecological problems are also social problems. At the same time, art itself is also the most sensitive and symbolic part of the entire human ecosystem. It is a vivid manifestation of human ecological civilization.

The "sculpture" here is not just a concept in the sense of traditional art and taxonomy, but a comprehensive and cross-border concept of "grand sculpture," just as the concept of "social sculpture" is no longer the concept of traditional sculpture.

On the one hand, "ecological sculpture" refers to its problem consciousness including many aspects of society, nature and art; emphasizes the values f green, environmental protection, regeneration, low-carbon, and cyclic values; on the other hand, All eco-art forms such as Sculpture Art, Installation Art, Art of the Earth, Fiber Art, Dynamic Art, New Media Art, and the use of sound, light, electricity and sensing technologies New Art ... From its social attributes, ecological sculpture can also be regarded as public art or participatory art.

The theme of the 1st East Lake International Ecological Sculpture Biennale in 2017 is "27 degree angle".

This is a professional concept proposed by Michelangelo, a master of sculpture, expressing the interrelationship of buildings, sculptures and human vision. According to Michelangelo, the height of the sculpture should be set by people In the most ideal viewing position, with the building at a 27 degree viewing angle, this is the establishment of sculpture height is most appropriate. Since then, the sculpture community has used a 27-degree angle as a criterion for determining the scale of a sculpture.

As the theme of this year's Biennale, "27-degree angle" is just a borrowed statement which expresses the values f the Biennale: selecting people's perspectives and choosing the artwork to choose between art and the environment Between the best standards to create a landscape environment to meet the aesthetic needs of man, to coordinate good man and the arts, man and nature, the relationship between man and public space, and serve the most extensive public.

In addition, Wuhan city code is 027, with 27 degree angle as the theme of the first East Lake Ecological Sculpture Biennale, also implies the relationship between Biennale and Wuhan City. It is both a city's perspective, a city's attitude and expression; it is also a manifestation of the city's character and spirit and state of the city.

27 degree angle is a fusion of the local and global cultural vision, a space carrier concerned about urban ecology, a festival of public art festival, a highlight of sustainable development in Wuhan.


The 1st East Lake International Ecological Sculpture Biennale was kicked off on December 17, 2017, in the Sculpture Gallery and its outdoor space, Jiufeng Urban Forestry Reserve, East Lake New Technology Development Zone, Wuhan. This is the first time that Wuhan holds such a sculpture biennale according to international practice in its history and the event will be held continuously every two years from 2017.

The event has attracted 897 contributions from 22 countries and regions around the world, and the works of 92 artists were finalized for the exhibition.

The exhibition will last until April 17, 2018.